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The Marcé Society - Australasian Chapter

The Marcé Society takes its name from Louis Victor Marcé  who published the first substantial treatise on mental illness in pregnancy and the puerperium in 1858.

The Society was formed in the UK in 1980 and has a growing international membership. The formation of the Australasian Chapter of the Marcé in 1995 was a reflection of the growing commitment and enthusiasm within Australasia towards these issues.

The Marcé Society is multi-disciplinary and provides a forum for exchange of information and ideas between professionals concerned with the welfare of women and their families around the time of childbirth.

Increasingly, liaison between consumers/carers and health professionals is becoming a focus for the Society, as is the childbirth-related mental health of the Indigenous Peoples of Australia and New Zealand. 

Traditionally, the main focus has been on mental illness related to childbearing. However, the interests of Australasian members often encompass broader areas including the maternal-infant relationship, attachment theory, the psycho-biology of pregnancy, antenatal and postnatal education, psycho-social aspects of obstetrics, perinatal bereavement and  all aspects of mental health of women and their families during pregnancy and the postnatal period. 

Close collaboration between clinicians and researchers is an important priority of the Australasian Chapter. 

The Society also actively seeks to bring issues of mental health and illness related to childbearing into greater public awareness. This objective is achieved by educational activities, campaigning for better resource allocation (for both research and services) and through raising issues of policy with a variety of statutory bodies. 

Membership & Meetings

Membership of the Marcé Society is open to all professionals who support the aims of the Society, for example nurses, midwives, psychiatrists, psychologists and other allied health professionals and researchers in the field. The Society organises a wide range of activities, including:

  • The Biennial Scientific Meeting is the major Australasian conference during which the General Meeting of the Australasian Society is held, at which future directions in policy are discussed and determined.
  • The Biennial Scientific Meeting of the International Society alternates with the Australasian conference. 

Ad hoc meetings are organised by members of the Society, one aim of which is to stimulate collaborative research, theses include:

  • Specialised workshops, eg on mother and baby units, organisations of treatment trials etc.
  • Joint meetings with a variety of other specialised bodies
  • General scientific meetings at which current research is presented

Members of the Australasian Branch receive the newsletters of the International Marcé Society (2 per year) and the newsletters of the Australasian Chapter. These contain articles, reviews and (most importantly) up-to-date information about the local and overseas meetings, conferences and educational activities of organisations of interest of members. Such information is often difficult to glean from the mainstream journals.

Members are eligible for discounted registration fees for meetings and conference, as well as discounts on some book and journal purchases.

Since 2007 member’s annual subscription also includes six (6) copies per year of the Archives of Womens Mental Health Journal, posted directly to their nominated address.

Objectives of the Society

(a Society limited by guarantee)

  1. To further understanding of mental health and emotional wellbeing in the setting of childbearing for the benefit of women, partners, children and the community as a whole.
  2. To promote scientific research, both basic and clinical, into mental health in the setting of childbearing.
  3. To encourage and facilitate provision of appropriate services for women and their families around the time of childbearing.
  4. To develop, provide and maintain information and other resources for individuals, groups or organisations in the community which further the objectives of the Society.
  5. To facilitate the seeking of funding for purposes consistent with the aims of the Society.
  6. To provide advice to government and other organisations in relation to mental health and wellbeing around the time of childbearing.
  7. To enter into co-operative arrangements with other organisations which share the objectives of the Society.
  8. To promote awareness of psychological disorders that are associated with childbearing for the benefit of women, families and the community.
  9. To promote equality and combat discriminations in research and service provision in areas relevant to the Society.

Application for Membership 

Application forms are available from the Marcé Secretariat or you may download a form by clicking on this link     

The Marcé Secretariat
PO Box 214
Brunswick East
Australia 3057
Tel: 61 (03) 9380 1429
Fax: 61 (03) 9380 2722

The International Societies website is at: www.Marcé

Continuing Medical Education Accreditation
The Australasian Marcé Society scientific meetings are eligible to attract Continuing Medical Education points/accreditations with the following organisations:


Further Information

If you require any further information or assistance please contact:

The Marcé Secretariat
PO Box 214
Brunswick East
Australia 3057
Tel: 61 (03) 9380 1429

ABN: 17 097 752 737
ACN: 097 752 737











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